Corps féminin sans couture, squelette, 1/6, forme asiatique, petit buste.


UGS : JOQ-05B Catégorie :

Présentation de Des chiffres fabuleux! Donnez vie à vos figurines grâce à notre corps révolutionnaire 1/6 Asian Shape Small Bust Skeleton Seamless Female Body. Ce corps est exactement l'élément dont vous avez besoin pour apporter plus de réalisme à votre collection.

Our female body features a seamless design that allows incredible flexibility and motion when assembling and posing your figures. This highly detailed anatomy helps create the perfect 12 inch female figure, so you don't have to settle for anything less than the best quality. Your finished product will look like it's ready to jump right into its next adventure!

Built with hardy materials that hold up under repeated use, our female body can take countless hours of play without compromising its fine details or jointing ability. With over 40 points of articulation, you can build your action figure into an unlimited range of poses. Whether she's taking on bad guys in a superhero showdown or demonstrating her acrobatic prowess, no task will be too difficult for this incredibly articulated body!

Make your action figure dreams a reality with Fab Figures' 1/6 Asian Shape Small Bust Skeleton Seamless Female Body for 12 inch Action Figures!

L'ensemble comprend :

  • 1x Corps à l'échelle 1/6
  • 1x Ensemble bikini
  • 1x Kit de support
  • 3 paires de pieds de remplacement
  • 5 paires de mains de remplacement
  • 4x Connecteur de cou
  • 1x Manuel

Régulier, Solarium, Blanc