1:6 Scale BJD Dolls of Ruyang Academy-Kong Yuwen


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1:6 Scale BJD Dolls of Ruyang Academy-Kong Yuwen

Kong Yuwen was a student at the Ruyang Academy who came from the Ming nation. He was known among his classmates for his impressive skills at riding and shooting. From a young age, Kong Yuwen had been fascinated by horses and had spent countless hours practicing his riding and archery skills. His dream was to one day become a skilled horseman and serve his country as a cavalry officer.

Despite his love of horses and the outdoors, Kong Yuwen was also a diligent student who took his studies very seriously. He would often spend long hours in the library, reading about history, literature, and philosophy. He believed that a well-rounded education was essential for anyone who wished to become a great leader.

One day, Kong Yuwen was given the opportunity to prove his worth when a group of bandits began raiding villages along the border of Chu and Ming. The Ming government sent out a call for skilled riders and archers to help drive off the raiders, and Kong Yuwen answered the call.

With his impressive riding and shooting skills, Kong Yuwen quickly became one of the most valuable members of the border patrol. He would ride out into the countryside with a small group of other riders, using his bow to pick off bandits from a distance and his horse to outmaneuver them in close quarters combat.

Over time, Kong Yuwen became a well-respected member of the Ming military, known for his courage, skill, and unwavering dedication to his country. He would go on to serve in many important campaigns, always fighting bravely on horseback and using his skills to help secure victory for his nation.

Despite his many achievements, Kong Yuwen remained humble and continued to study diligently at the Ruyang Academy. He believed that there was always more to learn, both in the classroom and on the battlefield, and he was determined to become the best rider and scholar he could be.

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About Ruyang Academy

Once upon a time in a chaotic world, there was a mysterious Eastern continent called “Gushenzhou”. Many countries existed on this continent, among which the Ming and Chu nations were known as twin heroes, with the saying “North Ming and South Chu”. To the north of the Chu capital, Anjing, there was a royal school located at the southern foot of the Rujia Mountains. Therefore, the Chu King gave it the name “Ruyang Academy”. The students in the academy were mostly princes, nobles, and children of officials and aristocrats. Some of them were also diligent scholars selected from local areas, with good character and appearance. They not only studied various schools of thought, but also practiced the “Six Arts” and “The Art Of War ” and other skills. They were all imposing and eloquent speakers.

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