1:6 Scale BJD Dolls of Ruyang Academy-Ming Situ


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1:6 Scale BJD Dolls of Ruyang Academy-Ming Situ

Ming Situ was a student at the Ruyang Academy who hailed from the Ming nation. He was known among his classmates for his deep love of history and his admiration for the great heroes of the past. In particular, his idol was Ming Kong, a legendary figure from the Three Kingdoms period who was known for his strategic genius and unwavering loyalty to his lord.

Despite his youth, Ming Situ had already read countless books on history, politics, and military strategy. He would spend hours poring over ancient texts, studying the battles and political intrigues of the past in order to gain insights into the present. His dream was to one day become an advisor to a great leader, just like his idol Ming Kong.

One day, Ming Situ was given the opportunity to prove his worth when a neighboring nation threatened to invade Chu. The Chu King, impressed by Ming Situ's knowledge of history and strategy, appointed him as a military advisor to the general in charge of the defense. With his encyclopedic knowledge of military tactics and his keen insight into the enemy's motivations, Ming Situ was able to help turn the tide of the war in Chu's favor.

As the war drew to a close, Ming Situ was hailed as a hero by the people of Chu. However, he remained humble and continued to focus on his studies, determined to learn more about the great heroes of the past and how they had achieved their victories. He continued to look up to Ming Kong as his role model, striving to emulate his idol's loyalty, wisdom, and strategic genius.

In the years that followed, Ming Situ became one of the most respected scholars in all of Chu, admired for his deep understanding of history and his ability to apply its lessons to the present day. He would go on to serve his country in many important roles, always striving to live up to the legacy of his idol Ming Kong and the other great heroes of the past.

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About Ruyang Academy

Once upon a time in a chaotic world, there was a mysterious Eastern continent called "Gushenzhou". Many countries existed on this continent, among which the Ming and Chu nations were known as twin heroes, with the saying "North Ming and South Chu". To the north of the Chu capital, Anjing, there was a royal school located at the southern foot of the Rujia Mountains. Therefore, the Chu King gave it the name "Ruyang Academy". The students in the academy were mostly princes, nobles, and children of officials and aristocrats. Some of them were also diligent scholars selected from local areas, with good character and appearance. They not only studied various schools of thought, but also practiced the "Six Arts" and "The Art Of War " and other skills. They were all imposing and eloquent speakers.

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