1/6 Scale HeadSculpt of Kazuma Kiryu


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Step into the world of Yakuza with our meticulously crafted 1/6 Scale HeadSculpt of Kazuma Kiryu, designed specifically for Hot Toys/ Phicen/ WorldBox figures.

This collectible masterpiece encapsulates the essence of the iconic character, ensuring an authentic representation that will elevate your 1/6th Scale collection.

Key Features:

Lifelike Likeness:

Our skilled sculptors have painstakingly captured the facial features, expressions, and distinctive scars of Kazuma Kiryu. The result is a head sculpt that authentically mirrors the beloved character.

Perfect Fit for 1/6 Scale Figures:

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Hot Toys/ Phicen/ WorldBox figures, this head sculpt ensures a perfect fit. The compatibility allows collectors to enhance their existing Hot Toys collection with the addition of Kazuma Kiryu.

Premium Materials:

Crafted from high-quality sculpting resin, the head sculpt not only replicates the visual appeal of Kazuma Kiryu but also guarantees durability. This makes it an ideal addition for collectors seeking longevity in their displays.

Versatile Display:

Whether you're a Yakuza fan, a  1/6 scale enthusiast, or both, this head sculpt is a versatile addition. Use it to create a custom Kazuma Kiryu figure or enhance your Hot Toys/ Phicen/ WorldBox  display with an iconic character.

How to Acquire Yours:

The 1/6 Scale Head Sculpt of Kazuma Kiryu for Hot Toys/ Phicen/ WorldBox figures is exclusively available for purchase on our website .

Secure yours now to add a touch of Yakuza charisma to your 1/6th scale collection.


Scale: 1/6

Material: High-quality sculpting resin

Made to order

About Kazuma Kiryu:

Kazuma Kiryu is the legendary protagonist of the Yakuza video game series known for his strong sense of justice, resilience, and iconic dragon tattoo. With this head sculpt, fans can bring the essence of Kiryu to their 1/6 scale collection.

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