1/6 Aziatische Vorm Enorme Buste Skelet Naadloos Vrouwelijk Lichaam


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Even voorstellen: Fab Figures - the perfect way to add life and personality to your 1/6 scale action figures! Our Gorgeous 1/6 Asian Shape Huge Bust Skeleton Seamless Female Body is a great addition for any collector. Not only does it have natural curves and impressive details, but it's also incredibly flexible, allowing you to create perfect poses for your figure. Plus, our body includes extra joints and veins that will keep it looking realistic in any position.

So, whether you're a serious collector or someone just starting out, Fab Figures can transform your 12-inch action figures into gorgeous models with lifelike movements. With our high-quality construction and attention to detail, you won't be disappointed in this stunning body - it's sure to set any display apart from the rest! So don't wait - get yourself a Fab Figure today and bring some personality to your collection!

Package Includes:

  • 1x 1/6 schaal lichaam
  • 1x Bikini Set
  • 1x statiefset
  • 3 Pair Replacement Feet
  • 5 paar vervangende handen
  • 4x Neck Connector
  • 1x handleiding

Regular, Suntan, White, Brown, Dark, Pink, KT004