1/6 Aziatische Vorm Midden Buste Skelet Naadloos Vrouwelijk Lichaam


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Fab Figures is the perfect choice for all your action figure needs! Our 1/6 Asian Shape Middle Bust Skeleton Seamless Female Body is designed for use with 12 inch action figures, making it a great alternative to standard doll body designs that are on the market. The body features durable plastic construction and has an accurate skeletal structure and body measurements, providing plenty of realism while still being reasonably priced.

De 1/6 scale body's seamless design makes it easy to customize and create a unique look, helping you make an amazing product. There are also plenty of clothing and accessories available that fit perfectly with the female figure body, so you can easily conjure up a stunning work of art. If you're passionate about building action figures, Fab Figures has you covered - our Female Body will provide hours of creative entertainment as well as satisfaction from creating something truly spectacular. Don't wait any longer - make your vision come alive today with Fab Figures!

Package Includes:

  • 1x 1/6 Scale Female Figure Body
  • 1x Bikini Set
  • 1x statiefset
  • 3 Pair Replacement Feet
  • 5 paar vervangende handen
  • 4x Neck Connector
  • 1x handleiding

Regular, Suntan, White, Brown, Dark, Pink