1:6 Mannelijk Naadloos Skelet Spier Lichaam


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Fab Figures will revolutionize your action figure collection like you've never seen before! Make the ultimate statement and revamp your collectibles with this 1:6th Male Seamless Skeleton Muscle BodyFor 12 inch Action Figures. In every way, it's a product made to exceed expectations.

This is no ordinary figure; it features realistic detailing from its seamless skeleton muscle body to the wildest costume picks and accessories you can find. No matter what type of character you want to recreate, these figures offer a level of authenticity that will give life to your stories and make them all the more captivating. Not only does it feature remarkable design details, but you also have the benefit of quality to match since this is a sturdy piece made with materials that can withstand even the most intense playtimes.

Experience action figures like never before with Fab Figures! Entertain everybody while expressing yourself in ways that are unique and creative - something no other product can come close to delivering. Craft grand adventures or recreate some of your favorite scenes in movies and tv shows - a whole spectrum of possibilities is right ahead. Unleash the greatest potential of your action figure collection now with our renowned 1:6th Male Seamless Skeleton Muscle BodyFor 12 inch Action Figures from Fab Figures!

  • 1x 1/6 schaal lichaam
  • Bonus set mannelijke genitaliën (5 verschillende maten)
  • 1 Set Kleding
  • 1x statiefset
  • 1 paar vervangende voet
  • 3 paar vervangende handen
  • 1x handleiding

Regular, Suntan, Dark Suntan, Dark