1/6 Escala Corpo Muscular Masculino Sem Costura


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Apresentando Números de Fabrico – the must-have figures for die-hard collectors of realistic 1/6 scale action figures! Our 1/6 Scale Male Seamless Skeleton Muscle Body Action Figures offer an impressive level of detail, with a seamless body that features over 30 movable joints, making them some of the most versatile and agile 12 inch figures you will find on the market.

Let your imagination go wild as you measure up this highly articulated hero figure with incredibly realistic musculature and detailing. The head has a realistic 3D facial expressions which can be switched out to create different moods in dynamic scenes, while the full fabric clothing allows complex posing along the joints for display. And with fabrics specifically chosen for durability and quality, you can be sure that these Fab Figures won't show signs of wear and tear in no time at all.

Don't just pose your Fab Figures – bring them to life with lifelike poses, eye movements and realistic limb actions thanks to the ball shaped jointing system supported by strong inner springs that permit amazing levels of movement – including flexibility greater than a human's! As if that wasn't enough, accessories including guns and knives come included so you can create complex battle scenes right down to the finer details. Make your collection stand out from the rest with our one-of-a-kind Fab Figures!

O pacote inclui:

  • 1x 1/6 Balança Corpo
  • Conjunto bónus de órgãos genitais masculinos (5 tamanhos diferentes)
  • 1 Conjunto Roupa
  • 1x Kit de suporte
  • 1 par de pés de substituição
  • 3 pares de mãos de substituição
  • 1x Manual

Regular, Suntan, Dark

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