Bonecas BJD à escala 1:6 da Academia Ruyang-Beihuan Guo


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Bonecas BJD à escala 1:6 da Academia Ruyang-Beihuan Guo

Beihuan Guo is the son of Wenxia Guo, a general of Chu who was known for his martial arts skills. Unlike his father, Beihuan was more interested in academic pursuits, especially in the study of literature and history. Despite this, he was also trained in the art of The Sacred Snake Fist by his father, who wanted to ensure that his son could defend himself if necessary.

One day, while Beihuan was studying at the Ruyang Academy, a group of bandits attacked the school in an attempt to kidnap some of the wealthy students for ransom. Beihuan and his classmates were caught off guard, but he quickly remembered his father's teachings and sprang into action. With his quick reflexes and mastery of The Sacred Snake Fist , he fought off the bandits and helped to save his fellow students.

News of Beihuan's bravery quickly spread throughout the academy, and he became somewhat of a hero among his peers. However, he remained humble and continued to focus on his studies, determined to become a scholar and make his mark in the world through his intellectual achievements rather than his physical prowess.

Over time, Beihuan became a well-respected scholar, admired for his intelligence and wisdom. He went on to serve his country as an advisor to the king, using his knowledge and analytical skills to help guide Chu through turbulent times. Despite his achievements, Beihuan never forgot the lessons he learned from his father and continued to practice The Sacred Snake Fist as a way to stay physically fit and disciplined.

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Sobre a Academia Ruyang

Era uma vez, num mundo caótico, um misterioso continente oriental chamado "Gushenzhou". Neste continente existiam muitos países, entre os quais as nações Ming e Chu eram conhecidas como heróis gémeos, com o ditado "Norte Ming e Sul Chu". A norte da capital Chu, Anjing, existia uma escola real situada no sopé sul das montanhas Rujia. Por isso, o rei Chu deu-lhe o nome de "Academia Ruyang". Os alunos da academia eram maioritariamente príncipes, nobres e filhos de oficiais e aristocratas. Alguns deles eram também estudiosos diligentes seleccionados nas áreas locais, com bom carácter e aparência. Não só estudavam várias escolas de pensamento, como também praticavam o "Seis Artes" e "A Arte da Guerra " e outras competências. Todos eles eram oradores imponentes e eloquentes.

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