Женское бесшовное тело с большой грудью в масштабе 1:6


Артикул: JOQ-10E Категория:

Are you looking to exponentially enhance the look and feel of your action figures? Then Великолепные фигурки is the answer! Our 1:6 scale Large Breast Seamless Female Body offers an incredible, lifelike experience that will ignite your passion for play. We designed this item with unmatched attention to detail and with only the best materials—precisely what your 12 inch Action Figures deserve!

Ideal for adult enthusiasts or professional photographers, our Fab Figures will make any scene come alive. And unlike other female bodies on the market that can be stiff and difficult to move without breaking or wearing over time, each figure in our collection flexes and moves easily. You can even enjoy hours of play with no ill effects too.

For those who love customising their action figures, we didn't skimp on details. Every part has been carefully built with genuine leather skin material for realistic texture, metal joints for seamless movement between upper body and top leg portion, metal skeleton inside for stability when posing, plus providing a firm structure without being easily deformed. It’s truly an unrivaled product experience like no other!

Take your action figures up a notch today—bring home an authentic Fab Figures doll now.


White, Pink, Regular, Suntan, Dark

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