1:6th Scale Strong Male Seamless Body


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Introducing Fab Figures: your new go-to for creating custom figures. Represent your interests and express yourself on a larger scale with this 1:6th Scale Strong Male Seamless Body For 12 inch Action Figures. They’re perfect for kids who just can’t get enough of the action figure look and feel!

It all starts with these dynamic bodies – solid, sturdy, and built to last, they are the perfect canvases for unleashing your creativity. With a realistic look and feel, you will be hard pressed to find anything else as lifelike - your figures will feel as if they can come to life right before your eyes! Plus, you can customize each figure’s features to give them their own personality – choose from different heads, torsos, arms and legs that mix and match together to create any character of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Unleash a world of adventure with the help of Fab Figures!

Elevate your figure gaming experience today by investing in the quality constructions and creative capabilities of Fab Figures. Experience customisation flexibility and watch play-time power up like never before – build the best army actions figures have ever seen! Join thousands of happy customers and make Fab Figures part of your next imaginative conquest!

Package included:

  • 1x 1/6 Scale Body
  • Bonus Male Genitals Set (5 different sizes)
  • 1 Set Clothing
  • 1x Stand Kit
  • 1 Pair Replacement Foot
  • 3 Pair Replacement Hands
  • 1x Manual
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