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Extremely Easy

The custom action figure processing is extremely easy just send us serval images to start it, then hand it up to us, and we will turn it into life.

Capturing details

Unlike traditional handmade sculptures, we use 3D sculpting technology to capture every detail, and CAD technology is also used in the production of the costumes to recreate the character's outfit as closely as possible.

100% Refund

You'll love your custom action figures! If not, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

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The Custom Action Figures-Making Process at Fab Figures

Please provide one side view image and one front view image of the expression you want to take reference. It would be helpful if the images correspond – for example, with similar expressions like smiling or serious. In addition, please provide a full body image if you would like the option to customize your outfits, and dress shoes. Email: sales(at)
There are 2 type 1/6 scale to choose for custom an action figure, one is 1/6 body compatible with Hottoys figures or Worldbox figures, the other is 1:6th scale seamless body compatible with Phicen/TBLeague. Shop 1.6th scale body online. 1/6 Scale figures in Inches: How Big is it

If it’s any other scale, please email us! 
Fab Figures Team will quote according to the pictures and requirements you provide
One of our sculptors uses your provided images and 3D sculpts your head in exacting details.
Fab Figures will email you photos of the sculpt face images for your approval.
The changes must be realistic for the detials of the sculpture. Suppose dramatic changes from your original images are requested. For instance, if the original photos showed you smiling, we created the sculpture, and then you want the face changed to an angry look, or a hairstyle change, facial expression, or add glasses, etc.
There will be a $50.00 charge per dramatic change. (if you have multiple changes per request, the cost is 50.00 x each change, not per request). For instance: if you send one email request and you have 2 changes. Add glasses and change your hair style. That is a $100.00 Charge.
We will use 3D printing technology to print the modeled head sculpture and then paint it. We need to be told whether the color of the head sculpture is based on the body as a reference or on a picture. Once the first draft is complete we will send you the image to request approval.
We have both carved hair sculpture and rooted hair sculpture available. If you choose the latter, we will do it after the makeup is done and send you pictures for approval.
We have ready-made outfits for you to choose from, or if you want to customize outfits for your action figures, our talented designers can help you with private orders. Once we have prototyped the outfit we will email you pictures for your approval.
Some of the more minor details on a custom outfit will be left out because it is impossible to copy all the details due to the small size of the custom action figure outfits.
As with custom head sculptures, we’ll start the mold based on the images you provide, paint and send images to you for approval
-We hand assemble your personalized action figures, which is boxed in our Fab Figures Box, and -Shipping is FREE using USPS Priority, 4PX,or YunExpress.
-If your action figure needs to be at a location on an exact specific date and we need to use FedEx or DHLDelivery, that is an extra charge.
-We can use FedEx or DHL fully insured if instructed, but you will be charged for that service

Custom Action Figures Of Your Own From Photos

Create your own custom action figures from just 2 images

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.


Let us know which action figure you’d like to personalize, whether it’s the entire action figure, a head sculpture, clothing, or any other accessories. Simply provide us with a picture of your desired item, and we’ll promptly provide you with a personalized quote. Email: sales(at)

There are two payment options, one is full payment; the other is 50% as deposit, 50% balance before shipping.

Once your order starts, we will keep you involved every step of the way. We will provide you with the initial stages for your approval, such as the 3D modeling, painting, and prototype of the clothing. Your feedback and satisfaction are crucial to us. Once you have given your approval on all aspects, we will proceed with completing the customization process and promptly deliver the finished product to you. Rest assured that we prioritize your involvement and ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

What we need are at least one front photo and side photos, both sides are optional.

World wide free shipping via YunExpress, 4PX, and USPS.

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