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Custom 1/6 Scale Head Sculpt With Carved Hair Commission


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Order to Make Custom 1/6 Scale Head Sculpt With Carved Hair

This listing includes 3D sculpting, 3D printing, painting, and shipping.

If you want to place a commission for a custom 1:6 th head sculpture, here are the steps you can follow:
1. Contact Fab Figures Team: Send us an email or message to inquire about our services. Provide them with the details of your request, including the character or person you want to replicate, any specific details you want to be included, and your preferred deadline.
2. Provide reference images: As mentioned in the listing, you will need to provide reference images for the us to work from. These images should show the entire outfit, the face expression, the hair style, and any other details you want to be included. A front view, two sides view, and a back veiw are necessary.
3. Tell us your body model such as Hottoys, Phicen/TBLeague, Worldbox, KUMIK, and so on. To assist us with your order, kindly provide us with the brand information of your body and a picture of the neck interface for our reference. This information will help ensure that the head sculpt is compatible with your body.
4. Wait for updates: Once we begins work on your project, they should provide you with regular updates on the progress. Be patient and allow time for us to complete the work to our high standards.
5. Receive the finished product: Once the Fab Figures Team has finished the work, we will ship the finished figure to you. Be sure to inspect the figure carefully upon arrival and let us know if there are any issues or concerns.
By following these steps, you can successfully commission a custom head sculpt from photos for your 1/6 scale action  figure. Remember to communicate clearly with the us and provide detailed reference images to ensure the best possible result.

What is the difference between the basic version and the pro version?

The pro head sculpture version boasts detailed skin textures, lending a lifelike realism to the custom action figure heads.

The basic version is perfect for anime-style, women, ninjas, and less detail head sculptures. Meanwhile, the professional version is tailored for achieving a realistic style, catering to singers, movie stars, soldiers, athletes, and similar styles.

Learn more about our custom action figure head customization processes by clicking the link below:

Link to "Custom Action Figure Heads Processes" Or you may like Create a custom action figure head with rooted hair


Basic, Pro

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Flyeski from the one zero six
I am very happy with the finished product.

I am very happy with the finished product. The process didn’t take long at all and the sculptors keep in touch and respond quickly. I am going to get more figures made for sure. Thank you FabFigures for the perfectly made collectibles.

chris ratti

I received my PRINCE PUMA head sculpt
I really like it thank you for customizing it just right

Once again thank you for all the great work

Sabrina R
Second order becausei love this shop

Had another custom head made because the first experience went so well & was again delighted. Great communication, execution & a high quality end product that arrived fast and looked even better in person. I also loved the little wooden box it arrived in. Definitely recommend it! & will probably order again.

Patrick Sauber
Excellent work

Working with Fab Figures has been an absolute pleasure. Great communication, timely deliver, fantastic final product. Can't recommend these guys enough!

Sabrina Roe
1 head became two

It started with one designed head that already was amazing and kindly got altered a lot as I had a different vision in the middle of getting the project done & ended with me keeping both heads that were painted by a loving hand in the end. Lots of check-ins & great communication the whole whole time.
It was done in such a short time and arrived so fast and safely packaged, too.
Lastly, the price for such a great work and tgecpatience and friendlyness towards tge customer is absolutely amazing.

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