How To Keep an Action Figure Standing

Are you looking for a way to keep your action figure standing? Look no further, because this blog post is here to help. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best ways to keep your action figure standing without having it fall over. So, if you are interested in learning how to keep an action figure standing, please keep reading. Thank you for your time!

How to Keep An Action Figure Standing Without A waist Stand

I have a strange quirk in that I don't like to use the waist stand to help action figures stand. This might seem odd, but many people do this because if the body is too heavy, without a waist stand to support it, the slightest gravity imbalance will cause figures to fall over--which is very annoying. Then I came up with a solution: modify the legs of action figure bodies so they can take advantage of Earth's gravity and achieve more stability when standing.

We Will Take The Soldier Story Body 2.0 As An Example

I believe that the value of an action figure does not primarily come from the body, but from the accessories like equipment and weapons. Even though bodies are often cheap, they play a very important role - if they're not handled well, figures with equipment will turn out looking bad. I think this is what most action figure collectors are striving for: to make their figures as realistic and human-like as possible.

However, the main toy companies frequently overlooked necessary details in their product development, especially with Soldier Story Body 2.0. The arm pegs that connect to the palms are too long, the hands and legs are unnaturally thin, the waist is too short, and the neck is also undersized; all of these faults cause big problems when assembling action figures because they can't stand up on their own very well.

The photo below shows us drilling a hole into the thigh of Soldier Story Body 2.0- it would be better to drill into the bottom of his calf, but unfortunately, that area is solid!
How To Keep an Action Figure Standing_1

Then take some steel balls and place them into the hollow of the thigh.
How to Keep An Action Figure Standing_6
After filling the steel balls, use paper towels to fill the entire inner cavity until there is no sound of collision when you shake the legs.

Finally, We sealed the holes we drilled with an electric drill using glue. The following pictures display the changes to both legs after the completion.

How to Pose Action Figures

The action figures we collect are not only pieces to be admired but a part of the culture. This culture has many forms of expression; one very good way is through posing the figure. A vivid pose can greatly improve the theme you express. Action figures are history and real people, so the poses should resemble those found in reality rather than looking exaggerated and fake. Different characters with different weapons will have different types of posture; therefore, the pose must appear reasonable and comprehensive.
This article focuses on the action figures holding different weapons and their corresponding stance explanations. Of course, there are many kinds of weapons, so I cannot explain each one individually. Instead, you can understand by analogy. After all, each person's understanding of posture is different, so test your own slowly to experience it for yourself.

Standing With A Short Rifle In Hand

As the picture shows, notice the position of the character's center of gravity. Each pose has its own center of gravity, and this is very important. The center of gravity here is slightly leaning to the left side, with both arms bent a little bit--this last point is key because in real life people's arms can never be completely straight. Also, note how the shoulders are tilted upward; all these details are essential for realism.

When soldiers are at ease, they generally stand with their rifles behind their backs in a relaxed stance. The line of sight can be placed at various angles depending on the situation, and the hands usually hang naturally with one hand holding the rifle rope and the gravity resting on the back foot.

Of course, you can also pose the figure holding the rifle down on the ground for some of the pictures if that's more relaxed.

Standing With A Machine Gun On The Shoulder

Machine guns are generally a little heavier than other weapons, so the shoulder will tilt slightly to accommodate the weight. Generally, machine gunners carry their weapon on the opposite side from which they fire; this allows for better support of the machine gun's considerable weight by shifting its center of gravity over to the back leg.


If you're an action figure lover, then these tips are for you! By following these simple instructions, you'll be on your way to displaying your action figures in the most appealing way possible. Be sure to have FUN while doing it and try different poses until you find what looks best.

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